The Popcorn Dilemma

It’s pretty weird to have a popcorn dilemma but that’s exactly what I was having. Perhaps my brain wasn’t working as well as it should but I just couldn’t figure out what was going on and was ready to call or email the Jolly Time company for help.

And so it was around the noontime hour that I again placed an individual sized bag of Jolly Time popcorn in the microwave with the same results — a burned bag, burnt popcorn and lots of unpopped kernels.

Burnt Popcorn
Burnt Jolly Time Bag
Unpopped Kernels of Popcorn

It wouldn’t have been so irritating to me except that I had made this my routine lunch — popcorn, a few nuts and a fruit drink. Well, okay — I can already see the irony in all this — nutty and fruity.  (laughing)

I thought perhaps the problem was popping the kernels too long so I used varying times all to no avail. Having gone through a couple of boxes of popcorn now, I decided to wait a day or two to allow myself time to become less irritated.

By the second day I noticed the problem. Could it be?

Microwave Metal Rack

One of the unusual things I noticed when we moved into our house a year ago was that there was a metal rack in the microwave. Normally metal is not supposed to be used in a microwave but this one is specially made for this purpose. I had been setting my popcorn bag directly on the metal rack which was burning the bag, making a hole and thus burning the popcorn. The solution? Placing a small plate under the bag.

Unbelievable! After all the consternation the solution turned out to be quite simple.

Trivial? Not really. We all have little things in life that irritate us and sometimes we just need to put them off to the side, give ourselves “a moment,” and then return to (hopefully) see things in a new light.

I believe God allows us to hit our head on the post a few times before tapping us on the shoulder and saying “How about taking a break?” Miraculously a lot of solutions appear and the small and simple things in life resolve themselves in a more gentle manner.

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