Deer Prevention

On a recent stroll through our neighborhood I saw an unusual sight.

Deer Prevention

As I passed the neighbor who was working in this yard, I couldn’t help but go back and ask him “What are you doing?” The discs hanging from ropes around his garden looked, well, unusual.

The neighbor promptly explained that deer have been feeding in his yard for quite awhile and he was tired of it. “Deer are creatures of habit so they will continue to come back to places where they have found something to munch on.” He also explained that deer don’t like to look at their reflections so earlier he had set up posts, hung rope and attached CD’s to them. So far, he has had success keeping deer out of his backyard so now he was trying the same thing in the front yard.

It does look unusual and reminds me of the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle although there I was never surprised by any oddity because it was a usual occurrence. But in Minnesota the people tend to be more, well, normal.

Every day we have deer who walk through our property at dawn and dusk. One time I saw them in my front yard looking for young plants to eat. When I flailed my arms and sternly told them to go away I was greeted with blank faces. Only when I went stepped towards them and made my physical presence more obvious did they choose to run away.

I have tried deer repellant on my plants and bushes but every time it rains it seems like I have to do it all over again. So … this may be another solution.

I guess I’ll be considered one of the “odd” neighbors now but at least I won’t be alone.


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