Behind our property there is a small pond that sits behind the property line. This past winter many trees and branches fell into this dry pond (dry because we didn’t get much snow this year). Our neighbor, an elderly gentleman, spent a few days in the pond with his chainsaw cutting the wood to use for his fireplace.

Neighbor's Pond

Although it is not on our property, we decided that we were going to throw mosquito pellets into it as the pellets will prevent the mosquito eggs from hatching.

I have no idealistic expectations about having the mosquito population dwindle significantly since there is a large lake and a large pond across from us in two directions. But, it’s worth is shot. So far, so good. Normally we have a lot of dragon flies that feed on the mosquitoes and I’ve only seen one (1) to date.

Our pest control service man came out this week and he sprayed around the perimeter of the house for ticks, mosquitoes and other things that crawl. He asked me how the mosquitoes were doing here and I told him we haven’t seen too many yet. He was surprised as he said they are out in full force already.

Hmmm … maybe those pellets are helping.

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