Diamond Lake Trail

After church we took a walk on Diamond Lake Trail. Although the lake is next to a busy street, it was actually a peaceful walk. Spring was definitely in the air with people out walking, birds chirping and buds started to bloom.

Diamond Lake, Minneapolis
Diamond Lake Trail, MInneapolis
Diamond Lake Trail

We decided not to go down these steps as it looked like it would be quite muddy on the other side. The start of a paved trail was just ahead a little ways. I always find it breathtaking to see buds starting to grow. I should be used to it at my age but spring growth always seems to take me to a place of “awe.”

Ducks Swimming

This paved walkway looks a little more manageable for walking. It led to a landing where we received a wonderful surprise.

Diamond Lake Trail, Minneapolis
Diamond Lake Trail, Minneapolis

And there he was in all his glory — a red winged black bird. He had a pretty song and sang it almost the whole time we were there. I wonder if he’s looking for a mate?

Red Winged Black Bird
Red Winged Black Bird

He was so beautiful and didn’t mind sitting awhile while I snapped pictures of him.

Diamond Lake was recently shown on the local TV station, WCCO’s, segment “What Makes A Lake, A Lake?” The segment was quite interesting and it gave the most current number of lakes in Minnesota which is 11,842. Wisconsin has 15,000 lakes but their determination takes into account lakes as small as an acre which Minnesota does not. If we did, we would have over 20,000 lakes.

I also learned that size is not the only criteria used for determining if a body of water is a lake. The waters must be able to make “waves.”

You can read the article by clicking here.

Diamond Lake has 55 acres and is surrounded by swampy wetland. It’s a very relaxing place to go and across the street is a children’s playground.

I’m not sure how many lakes we’ll be able to explore while we live in Minnesota but every lake is unique and brings its own special kind of wildlife. This is one of the big differences between our Seattle neighborhood and our Lake Elmo neighborhood — the wildlife. Although we are considered to live in a city the atmosphere is so different and I am learning a lot in my “getting older” days.




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  1. Great photos! It will be wonderful if the trail all the way around Diamond Lake ever gets completed.

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