Is Summer Here?

Our first 90 degree day has arrived. I’m glad I watered the plants this morning as they would have been quite thirsty right now.

Our house feels cool inside. There is something to be said for owning a house that’s surrounded by trees. The sun rises to the northeast of us and that’s where most of our trees are populated although we have plenty on the other side.

I think I’ll have 2 large trees taken out and the others thinned (a LOT) on the NE side of the house. It will be good to have more sun exposure in that direction. Perhaps that will bring fewer bugs! Ahhh — hope abounds!

We seem to have been hit with a lot of gnats this year. They are making their way inside somehow and I haven’t figured out the location yet. I have, however, been making concoctions for them. An inch of orange juice, a dab of dish soap and half a glass of water set next to the windows is killing them off even if the occasional one strays and nips me every now and again.

Autumn! Autumn! I’m so looking forward to seeing you. I know, I know — I need to learn to live in the present. I do but I still look forward to what I know will be better weather.


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