The Avengers

I don’t often go to movies as I find them a waste of money and time, but this Memorial weekend my family and I decided to go see what all the rage was for the recently released movie called The Avengers.

We went to a movie theatre in Oakdale, Minnesota called The Marcus Theatre. The place looks huge on the outside and it’s just as big on the inside. The sound quality was really good although a wee bit loud for me. The digital picture on the screen was clear and there were comfy chairs. I had thought since the movie was such a hit that there might be a long line but with the release of a new movie there weren’t very many people at the showing we went to.

I should probably say that I don’t like violence whether it is fiction or non-fiction so my opinion will be biased.

Did I like the movie? It was okay. The basic plot is about the “avengers” saving the world from aliens. There was a lot of action and things flying around (both human and alien bodies).

I feel creepy when I see eyes that have no eyeballs or that turn different colors. It makes me squeamish so I had my hand in front of my eyes while the scenes passed. Another scene that I thought rather gruelish was when the “Hulk” pounded an alien over and over again on the ground.

Who really, I mean really, enjoys seeing these kind of things happening whether real or imagined? I am not immune from wasting my time sometimes and this was probably one of those times.

So, call me wimpy or just call me different. If you enjoy lots of action, violence and fiction then this movie is for you.



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