Hostas and Ferns

I am thankful today for hostas and ferns. We have so many of them in our yard and the deer (most of the time) have left them alone.

Hostas and Ferns

This year the hostas have grown exponentially. (What a neat word!) Instead of dividing them, I have moved some around the property to make room in between the plants so air can flow.

The picture above is of the side yard in the back. It faces southeast. Yes, southeast. There is minimal sun that gets to this area so I’m hoping (depending on cost) to have our large trees trimmed to allow light to filter through into the yard.

One major plus to our house is that it stays cool (mostly) in the summer and warm in the winter. Most of the light we get in the house though is in the winter unless it’s directly overhead.

I figure that if we trim only on the southwest side we should be okay with keeping our house at just the right temperature and perhaps be able to plant some colorful plants in this area. It sounds like such a great idea to me. Yes Norma! Do it! Do it!

Yeah, okay … someone needs to give me a little shove to get estimates and it may as well be me.



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