Toad or Frog

Yes, I did it again. I found a unique animal on my property although this time it was not a bug. While moving some cement pavers from one location to another, I heard a rustling that quickly stopped. I looked and there he was.

Toad or Frog?

He looked black in the sunlight and stood motionless. I eyed him suspiciously expecting him to jump at me. After a minute or so I figured he must be as surprised as I was. So — I did what I usually do.

“Okay so, you’re going to have to move in order for me to continue working in this area. Both of us can’t be here. So — get a move on.”

Nothing. His (her?) expression didn’t change and the pavers I needed to reach were behind him. Undaunted, I continued my coaxing.

“You heard me, right?” I said. “We both can’t be in this area so get a move on.'”

(In spite of what it may sound or look like, I believe I am still a rational being, well, er, no men in white have picked me up yet. haha)

I’d been working in the front yard for awhile and decided that perhaps, since the toad/frog was not cooperating, I would work elsewhere. So I left but kept looking at my new “companion” out of the corner of my eye.

After about an hour, the toad/frog turned its back to me and just stood there. When I finally finished my work, I looked and he was gone.

Since I am not familiar with toads/frogs I decided to read up on how to tell the difference. Not much luck in that. “They” (that would be the internet) say that its hard to distinguish between the two. I did find out that frogs can contain mild toxins and toads have large poison glands (called the parotoid) located behind the eyes, on the top of the head.

Well, thankfully I didn’t have the desire to pick one up and pet it.  Eeewwwww!!!

I was telling my husband the other day that perhaps I should, in my effort to overcome my fear of bugs, hold them in my hand. It sounds quite creepy to me though to have something crawl on me. Another eeewwwww!!!

I do have to say that in spite of my aversion to creeping, crawling and flying “things” I have an aunt who lives in Puerto Rico and will not leave her house to work in her yard because of her aversion to the same things. So — I guess there’s always someone worse off than we are, eh?


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