Hot Hot and Hot!

I think I ruined my view of life in Minnesota by taking a quick one week vacation to Seattle. While I was gone, the Minnesota Twin Cities had multiple 90+ (and one time 102) degree days of record heat. I was thankful that I was missing all the heat waves while I sat in overcast 60 degree weather in Seattle. My last 2 days there were sunny and in the 70’s. Perfect weather for a vacation.

The Olympic Mountains, Seattle, WA

When I arrived home around 1 a.m. this morning, the temperature gauge in the house showed a balmy 87 degrees. It took over an hour and a half for the air conditioner to start cooling the house.

We have 1 more day of 90+ degree heat before we cool into the high 80’s. I hope our plants will continue to survive. The two large new guinea impatiens outdoors were starving for water but are re-invigorated and have come back to normal life minus the flowers on one of them.

As I’ve said many times before, summer is not my favorite time of year in Minnesota. Autumn is right around the order … yeah!


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