The Stillwater Bridge

After dinner at the Green Room in Stillwater, Minnesota, my husband and I walked over to see the Stillwater bridge that had just started to go up to allow water traffic to pass. In our year+ time since we moved to Minnesota, this is the first time we’d seen the bridge go up.

The Stillwater, MN Bridge 

The Stillwater, MN Bridge

It was such a beautiful evening for walking around the small town of Stillwater.

On the other side of the St. Croix River is the state of Wisconsin. We almost bought a house right across this bridge but thought better of it as a new bridge is going to be built and the new highway would have brought much noise to the neighborhood  — not to mention the initial traffic congestion. Right now, when we go to Stillwater for dinner, traffic is backed up because of people who need to cross the bridge to get into Wisconsin.

Resting peacefully next to the water were a family of geese.

Minnesota Goose Family

With all the geese in Minnesota one woud think there would be more of them dead on the roadway as I’ve been told by a local to just “run them over.” Eeekkkk!  I don’t think I could do that although they can get in the way when I’m driving causing dangerous conditions.

Minnesota … a different way of living.


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