My New Saw

Another cool day in Minnesota. For me that means lots of YARD WORK. I hired the neighbor boy to come help move the woodpile from the back of the property to the side of the property so it will be easier to access when winter comes. I can’t wait to use the fireplace again. It’s so pretty!

While the woodpile was being taken care of, I went to the garage and took out my new 21 inch Friskars Bow Pruning Saw that I purchased last evening at Home Depot.

Fiskars Bow Pruning Saw

Notice the orange warning “Aggressive Cuts.” I certainly hope so as I can’t cut a large branch with a “non aggressive” cut.

Bow Saw

This bow saw cut magnificently! The cuts were sharp and clean and it didn’t take me long to cut up a few branches. I think I may have even grown a muscle.  hahahaha

Bow Saw Blade

The blade is replaceable which is really good as we have quite a few branches that fall throughout the year and the pruner just doesn’t work as well. All this for less than $10! I literally felt giddy as I left Home Depot with my new tool.

Maybe I should buy some flannel shirts so I can look like a real lumber, uh, woman.  haha

[amazon_link id=”B0002YUE50″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Fiskars 7031 30-Inch Bow Saw[/amazon_link]



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