Hunan Palace Chinese Restaurant

My husband recently found a site,, where you can print coupons for quite a bit off at restaurants. With coupon in hand, we set out to find an Italian restaurant by the name of Pino’s. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed on the day we went.

So, we decided to walk over to the Hunan Palace Chinese Restaurant (which was in the same strip mall) that the sign said had a dinner buffet. It had just opened for dinner and we were seated right away when we entered.  But there was no food in the buffet trays. Odd, huh?

We were offered drinks and then we waited. About 15 minutes later the “cook” brought trays of food out. Everyone in the restaurant waited to be told it was okay to head over to the buffet line but no one directed us. Finally a couple behind us got up, took plates and started the process.

It was a little strange — almost as if the waiter didn’t know what to do or perhaps we were the ones who should have known.

The food was piping hot and taste-wise it was average Chinese food. My husband told me that I have been spoiled by living in Seattle for so long as the food there is so diverse and delicious. In Minnesota, we haven’t found too many outstanding restaurants yet. They’re mainly “okay.”

I didn’t take any pictures of the food as the lighting wasn’t that great.

However, on my way to pay the cashier for the meal, I noticed this statue on the counter.


I asked the cashier why there were pennies under the statue and he told me that it was for good luck. Hmmm … must be similar to when people throw pennies into a fountain for luck.

The buddha didn’t give me much luck though (although I didn’t leave any coins) as I walked out without my credit card and had to go back to retrieve it.

Oh well …

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