The Zen Box

While friends from Seattle were visiting, we drove past a restaurant called The Zen Box. The food was really delicious and I would love to get the chicken kara-age recipe that I had.

We arrived around lunch time and were seated shortly after we walked in the door. There weren’t too many people seated. The waitress arrived quickly with water for everyone at the table. Looking around, no one (except my friends) appeared to be Japanese. I asked our blonde hair blue eyed waitress if she was Japanese to “break the ice.” Her answer was no. Later on I asked additional questions and found out that the restaurant owner is Japanese but other than that only one cook is Japanese.

The inside of the restaurant is decorated Japanese-style with lanterns and Japanese labeled beer.

The food was delicious! My Japanese friends found plenty of vegetarian options and I found a wonderful chicken entree.

I had the curry with chicken kara-age. I really need to learn how to make this chicken.

Chicken Kara-Age

I can’t remember what the dish below is called. It has brown rice, edamame, salad and  tofu. The presentation was great!

I have to assume (from the empty plates) that everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals.

This is definitely a place I want to return to.

(Note: The Zen Box is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Click here to go to their website.)

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