An Autumn Walk

Morning is a good time for a walk, especially in the fall when colors dominate the landscape.

I was not disappointed on my recent walk. The vivid colors of the leaves exploded in various colors of red, yellow, gold and green.  The evergreen trees, that normally stand in stark contract to other trees in the winter, can’t compete in autumn.

Autumn in Minnesota

I was alone in my walk with only my thoughts and senses to fill me up.

Autumn in Minnesota

Beauty in death. The cycle of the seasons sometimes saddens me as nostalgia fills me.

As a little girl I remember walking to my Mami Saro’s (grandmothers) house which was only a block away from where I lived. Life seemed more simple even though my life seems simple enough now.

Autumn always filled me with a sense of awe. And now, the awe fills me with praise for God.


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