Greco’s on the St. Croix

My husband surprised me recently and took me for a country drive to St. Croix, Wisconsin for dinner at Grecco’s on the St. Croix.

Grecco’s on the St. Croix, WI

This is a small restaurant with many workers who want to make sure you are happy with the food and provide good service. When we arrived it was nearing sunset so we weren’t able to see the view from the deck that they have in the back.

The waiter we had was very good — not too much or too little attention.

We started with salads — mine was the field greens that had blackberries in it. Have you ever had a salad with blackberries? This was a first for me. It didn’t taste bad — just different.

Field Greens with Blackberries

My husband had the Penne Chicken which tasted fine (even if the picture is blurry).

Penne Chicken

My meal — the New York Strip — they had problems with. I don’t have steak very often but when I do, I order it “well done with no pink showing.” I then expect the chef to check to make sure no “pink” is showing. That was not the case here. They brought me my plate with the steak and vegetables and I did what I always do — I cut down the middle of the steak to make sure it was well done.

My husband was watching me and knew that this steak had to go back. I hadn’t noticed that a waitress was also watching and came over right away to see how things were. When she found out the steak was not well done she whisked it away leaving me with the vegetables to eat.

I was actually glad that she left me the vegetables as I don’t like to sit there waiting to eat while my husband eats alone.

After awhile my steak was returned to me. Was it still pink? A little at the ends but I let it go. I hadn’t planned to stay the evening.

Since this was a special celebratory occasion for us (we had bought a new car) we decided to try the cheesecake for dessert. It was not what I expected.


The cheesecake (as you can see) has a very very thick crust that was chewy. Most cheesecakes I’ve had taste smooth going down but not this one. Oh well.

I find that in small town restaurants that try to be “different” they sometimes go a little overboard in making things too different.

Articles posted on the bulletin board stated that the chef had studied at the Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Minneapolis.

I’m not sure if we’ll return JUST to go to this restaurant. Looking at the reviews online the restaurant has had problems with both the food and the staff. And, the website that the restaurant used to have no longer exists. I wonder why they would take it down?

The area is certainly very pretty though.



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