Head Pain

I remember telling a doctor once “I can tell when things aren’t going well in my body.” He then gave me a strange look. Aren’t we supposed to know our bodies?

Last week, I started getting a dull pain behind my right eye. By Friday, the whole right side of my head hurt and yesterday I could barely hold my head up. At first I thought — migraine. But no, it’s not a migraine. I’m pretty sure it’s an ear infection of some kind.

The pain radiates from the middle of the top of my head to the right side of my neck. I almost went to the emergency room yesterday but decided to wait. I took two Tylenol and lay down for a couple of hours without moving. The lack of stimulation to my brain really helped.

This morning I saw my chiropractor and he used a vibrating instrument on my neck which took most of the pain away. So far today the “edge” has been taken off but every now and again I get a quick pounding that let’s me know I’m not out of the woods yet.

I also woke up with a few large bumps on my nose — blistery looking. At first I thought that they were fever blisters but I haven’t had a fever that I’m aware of. Very very odd.

Looking out my window I see a dreary looking day which matches my mood.

The chiropractor said that most ear infections resolve on their own without antibiotics but if I should start feeling really bad then I should see my doctor.

Good advice.



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