Continued Head Pain

Tuesday I had the weirdest pain sensation in my head — an intermittent stabbing sensation that felt like small tremors. The stabbing happened a few times every minute and each time it was severe enough that I grabbed my head and yelled “ouch.” At times like these I’m glad that I never was one to use curse words or my language would be very unladylike.

I bit the bullet and made an appointment to see the doctor Wednesday. No more homemade remedies that don’t seem to work.

I arrived 5 minutes early for my appointment. Forty minutes later I got called into an office and was seen by the nurse. Blood pressure — high. I knew that my blood pressure would be high as it always is when I’m sick. The nurse told me the doctor would be with me in a few minutes. Not so.

A few minutes later a different nurse knocked on the door and told me she was taking me to another room because my doctor had to deliver a baby at the hospital. More waiting. I hate waiting when I’m on time.

Shortly I heard another knock on the door and a cheerful female doctor walked through the door. “Shhh, you’re too loud,” I felt like telling her.

The doctor listened to the history of my headache pain. She looked at the bumps on my nose and said “At first they looked like shingles to me but I believe you’re right, they’re cold sores.” Uh, that’s good, I thought to myself. I haven’t heard too many good things about people who have shingles.

After the doctor listened to me breathing, she looked in my ear and said that the inside was “pink and pretty.” No ear infection.

When I told the doctor that I could press on a muscle in my neck and almost pass out she told me “You’re having neck spasms that are causing the headaches.” Hmm … did I just diagnose myself? Then she proceeded to write a prescription for me for a muscle relaxant called flexeril. She also prescribed an anti-viral medication. I specifically asked her if the pills were large but she aid “No, they’re small, you’ll be fine.” She was wrong and since I have trouble swallowing pills, I have to cut them in half.

My brain was foggy though so I didn’t think to ask any other questions. I drove to the pharmacy where I hoped the prescriptions would be ready but they weren’t. Since I had another appointment I told the pharmacist that my husband would pick up the prescriptions later.

When I got home the pain had started getting severe again. Stab, wait a few minutes, stab, wait a few minutes … that’s how the rest of my afternoon went.

When my husband came home with the medications he showed me the receipt and said “I hope this works.” The anti-viral pills (which were to last for 7 days) were $139! Had I been at the pharmacy I would have given them back until I spoke with the doctor again to make sure they were absolutely necessary.

But, my husband doesn’t like “confrontation” so I have two different pills to take. I’m not sure which one is causing the dry mouth but both cause drowsiness and I certainly have been sleeping plenty.

In the meantime, the leaves continue to fall. I am now “behind” in yard work although what I was planning on doing was scheduled (in my head) for next year. I so much wanted to get a head start though — without the bugs and the heat.

Oh well. Next week looks promising weather-wise and if I’m better I’ll head outside to work in the crisp, sunny Minnesota days.


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