Headaches and Pain

This past Friday I saw my massage therapist. She is so good! She does “regular” massages but also includes cranialsacral work in her therapy. Every time I’ve gone to her I always leave feeling a lot more relaxed which leads to quicker healing.

After detailing my history of the “virus” I supposedly have, she had me lie face up on the table and proceeded to “hear” my head. This sounds weird, doesn’t it? Over ten years ago, when I lived in Seattle, I went to a cranialsacral clinic because I had severe vertigo and had tried everything else to help cure myself since the doctors had no suggestions. Back then, the cranialsacral treatment didn’t work either.

After the therapist had put her hands on my head and “listened,” she told me that there is little movement on the right side of my brain. That is not good. Movement is essential to good health. Anyway, she continued treatment and found I had two swollen mastoid lymph nodes. Those nodes (in lay terms) help with drainage. In trying to research them I didn’t find much information on them except for blogs where people have had similar symptoms to mine. In all cases that I’ve read thus far, the doctors say “it’s fine and will go away.”

The massage therapist would not work on the areas of the lymph nodes because of the swelling. She continued her treatment and ended with a quick Swedish massage to my back. I felt pretty good when I left although the right side of my head is still sensitive to touch.

This morning, I went to see my chiropractor. I originally went to see him because the massage therapist told me that he has a laser that can possibly help with the lingual nerve problem that I’ve had for over a year and a half. And he has helped with that! He is also using this laser treatment on my left wrist — the one I fell on last winter, and again, the laser treatment is helping.

But I digress as I think of my body falling apart …

The chiropractor felt both lymph nodes and said they are both still swollen but he believes that this is due to the virus that I am fighting off.

I am feeling better. The jabs of pain that I had last week are down to one every couple of hours or so.

I think I’ll do a little leaf sweeping this afternoon as it is too gorgeous a day to be indoors. Fresh air should help with healing my body, no?

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