The Threat of Snow

That’s what the weather folks said “the possibility of snow up to an inch.” That was last night and the “threat” didn’t materialize in my neck of the woods. It is a tad chilly, I’d even call it cold because the wind is from the north and has quite a bit of a bite to it.

Almost all of the leaves on the trees are on the ground. The driveway has a large wet accumulation of them that I just raked up. This is the second day of raking wet leaves that can making driving slippery. So much has yet to be done with raking leaves and this morning I found out that I have until Thanksgiving week to send them off with the yard waste. Woohoo! After today we’re expecting to have a week of dry, in the 40’s, weather which is great weather in my eyes.

This morning I decided to succumb to one way of reducing our car insurance costs by starting the 8 hour AARP Online Driver Safety Course. The charge is $15.95 for taking the course (if you’re an AARP member) but it’s well worth it. Once I complete the course, AARP will send me a certificate that I will forward to my insurance company and get a 10% reduction each year for the next three years.  Not too bad, eh? I didn’t even know such a course existed except that I read some of the “paraphernalia” that the insurance company mailed me awhile back.

The AARP Driver Safety Course is pretty basic but it sure makes me feel old. It’s for people 50 and older and it has sections about our slow metabolism, slow reaction time, loss of vision and hearing — brother! Perhaps they should take me to a nursing home already!  (laughing)

Oh — a few white flakes are coming down. I guess it is our first snowfall of the year. The snow won’t stick though as it’s too warm out yet.

Well, I guess I better get back to my “senior” driving course. (laughing)


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