Sandy’s Effects

Watching the news yesterday on the Sandy hurricane that is passing through the United States east coast, I was shocked to see people standing close to the edge of a boardwalk playfully “teasing” the water as they walked back and forth to the edge to try to avoid the splashes coming on shore.

I didn’t get it. With all the warnings to evacuate or stay indoors, “hunker down” is what they called it, I couldn’t understand why these people felt a need to “tempt” fate.

Today we know that lives have been lost. Some of those lives were of people who did “hunker down” in their homes but trees fell on their houses killing them.

One could say it doesn’t matter — that fate will get you either way. Yet for the ones who died accidentally most people would mourn. For those who stand on the edge tempting fate, had they died, most would say they deserved it.

Life is precious. When we don’t heed the warnings then we suffer consequences, sometimes. And when we heed the warning we are safe, sometimes.

And as unpredictable as life may be, I still choose to heed warnings and do all I can to keep myself safe. For there will come a time when not heeding a warning could truly make the difference between life and death.



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