Surviving 17 inches of Snow

Yes indeed — that was the total number of inches we received in Lake Elmo, Minnesota — 17 inches of snow. It’s been 4 days now though and things are starting to melt.

The snow plower we hired last year came late in the day and plowed the very heavy snow to wherever he found space. All of a sudden, I felt very short next to the piles of snow.

First, let me remind you what the snowfall looked like when it started.

Red Bridge
Red Bridge

With the snow softly falling, the red bridge looked beautiful in contrast to the white fluff. But wait. Where did it go?

Snow Buried Red Bridge

The snow plower really did a great job moving the snow around.

Snow Plowed Snowplowed 2

By the 2nd day, the sun had come out and the blue sky lifted my spirits.


Living in Minnesota is great in the winter because, not only do you have snow but there is sunshine most days which makes for cheerful moods.

Winter Blue Sky, Minnesota

Simply gorgeous!

The weather folks are now saying we may have more snow on Saturday but it will not be “pretty” as it may come with sleet. We’ll see how accurate they are. Perhaps the wind will shift and we’ll miss that storm.

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