Winding Down the Christmas Season

Yes, I know Christmas isn’t here yet but I like to enjoy the last week before Christmas without all the hustle and bustle that the rest of the days seem to embrace.

This year we purchased a different kind of Christmas tree — a white pine. It’s needles are longer and the color of the tree is a deep deep green. Very pretty. When we bought our tree a couple of weeks ago we were told that it is more “delicate” than the fir trees as the branches are a lot thinner. Sure enough, I had to use my smaller ornaments on this tree but did manage to place a few larger ornaments towards the middle of the tree where the branches were just a tad thicker.

White Pine Christmas Tree
White Pine Christmas Tree

The tree drinks a LOT of water. Every morning I pour three 16 ounce glasses of water in the tree stand. I had asked a friend of mine if this is normal (he’s 80 years old and has been around the block a few times) and he told me I was worrying about it too much. He said that he and his wife used to buy live trees 3 weeks before Christmas and they never watered them.

Oh — well, I guess I am worrying about nothing. It’s time to put my feet up, sit back and just enjoy the season, eh?





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