A Paleolithic Diet – Day 10

Scones — today was cherry scone day. They were made with almond flour and tasted really good. I had them with a glass of almond milk. That was it for breakfast (believe it or not).

Cranberry Scone
Dark Chocolate Cherry  Scone

For lunch, I had Mexican Spanish Rice. Well, no, not really as rice is not allowed on this diet. (she laughs)  This recipe was made with minced cauliflower to mimic rice. I don’t have a picture of this recipe because it was actually made for my husband’s lunch and there just happened to be leftovers in the refrigerator. I was surprised that it tasted pretty good.  Afterwards I had a bowl of fresh fruit.

Dinner included Jamaican Beef Pepper Pot (stew) which was really really really good, Spinach Bhagi (looked like a big wet blob of spinach but tasted good also) and Puerto Rican Tostones (fried green plantains).

Jamaican Beef Pepper Pot
Jamaican Beef Pepper Pot

My son made a sauce for the plantains — very simple: 1/4 cup virgen olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper, all mixed together.

On occasion, I’ll have a glass of mango (my favorite) smoothie with no added sugar or tea with a tad of honey.

Blood pressure is still low on this diet. Interesting …



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