Fresh? Orange Juice

I’m a little behind the eight ball in hearing about the story that “broke” back in December of 2011 (well, only a little over a year).

I consider myself to be one of the “try to be healthy” people who likes to buy fresh orange juice — but only when it’s on sale.

An article/video was recently sent to me that discussed how fresh orange juice — the one we pay more for because it’s fresh — is actually made. Come to find out, it’s not very fresh — unless you think sitting around for a year is fresh. ├é┬áPersonally, I don’t.

I share the video with you as informational only. You can choose to continue to buy “fresh” orange juice or not. I just found it quite interesting that we pay extra for a product that’s not fresh at all.

Please turn the volume down on your computer as there is a video that starts up right away that discusses fresh orange juice and then later (after an ad or two) another video starts that discusses arsenic in apple and other juices.

Feel free to turn off the video and just read the article. Again, I found it quite interesting.

Click below to read and/or hear the article.

Orange Juice’s Secret Flavor

And … what did you think of it? Will this stop you from buying “fresh” orange juice?


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