An Injured Guanabana Plant

Awhile back, I wrote about the guanabana seed that I brought back from Puerto Rico and that has grown into a nice little plant outside of its tropical environment.

But when we went on a recent cruise, my husband brought the heat down in the house to 55° fahrenheit which left the house here in Minnesota a tad bit chilly.

When I returned, the guanabana had lost most of its leaves.

A Dying Guanabana Plant
A Dying Guanabana Plant

I thought for sure we had killed it but I continued to water it and hoped and hoped that it would be revived and, guess what? New leaves are starting to sprout. Woohoo!

Reviving A Guanabana Plant
Reviving A Guanabana Plant

It’s not out of the woods yet though but I’m hoping that those small leaves will come back healthier than when they left.

Moral of the story? If you have something you treasure make sure you take care of it even when you’re not around.


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