Pepper Steak with Egg Foo Young-ish

Winters and crockpots are always a good combination so we recently bought a new crockpot to allow our meals to slowly simmer.

This pepper steak was good and I have been eating it for breakfast as leftovers for a couple of days now. It is unusual to have steak for breakfast instead of cereal or toast but unusual does not mean bad. It’s quite filling actually.

The recipe calls for bean sprouts but we did not use them.

Asian Pepper Steak
Asian Pepper Steak

The pepper steak was served with steamed broccoli and egg foo young-ish. Quite a funny name for a fritter-like pancake, no?

We included most of the recipe ingredients except for the ham so if you try this recipe, adjust the recipe to your tastes. That’s what cooking is all about — tasting and adjusting.


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