Chicken Puttanesca with Asparagus

Tender grilled chicken breasts with Italian seasonings make for a scrumptious Chicken Puttanesca. The recipe includes kalamata olives which I enjoy.

Chicken Puttanesca with Asparagus
Chicken Puttanesca with Asparagus

The chicken puttanesca was served with asparagus which we’ve been having a lot more of lately.  I never used to like asparagus but my palette is changing and I’m starting to enjoy it. The asparagus was served with an almond and sun-dried tomato sauce. (Not sure if you notice in the picture, but I had added some of the sauce over the chicken also …)  Yum!

I never used to make enough food to have leftovers because they always seemed to not get eaten. But, I am appreciating that when my son cooks, he makes enough so that we can have leftovers for breakfast and/or lunch. It does save both time and money that way, doesn’t it?

Anyway — another great Paleo meal!



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