Xim Xim de Galinha

Catchy name for a chicken stew, eh?

Xim Xim de Galinha is chicken stew and the original recipe calls for shrimp, peanuts and dende oil but we didn’t use any of those ingredients. Always nice to improvise when one cooks, isn’t it?

My picture didn’t turn out as well as I would have hoped. Sorry about that. Fortunately it tasted fine though and made for a good paleo meal.

Xim Xim de Galinha
Xim Xim de Galinha

I was a little disappointed in the Brazilian Avocado Salad that was served with it though.

Avocado Salad

The salad turned out kind’ve mushy and red onions with avocado just don’t seem to go together. We did not use the soy sauce that is called for in the recipe but that shouldn’t have made a difference because it was the texture of the ingredients that tasted “sloppy” in my mouth. Does that make sense?

Ah well … I can’t expect every new recipe we try to be great, can I?


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