Hungarian Goulash – Paleo Style

So, goulash is basically a stew — a nice hearty and fill-your-stomach kind’ve stew.

Hungarian Goulash usually has paprika as one of the ingredients and this one was no exception. The ingredients call for lard, tallow, olive oil or butter — we used olive oil in ours.

Side note: I remember that when we moved to Minnesota from Seattle, we brought our Hungarian Paprika with us. I don’t recall how old it was though (laughing) but it was a large container and I didn’t use it too often (although when I made scalloped potatoes I would use it).

Hungarian Goulash
Hungarian Goulash

The beef was really tender in this stew (a good thing) probably because it simmered for approximately 1.5 hours. It kind’ve reminded me of when my mother makes Carne Guisada (a Puerto Rican beef stew).

This goulash was filling but we still had a side dish – Cabbage Stuffed Peppers which I found quite delightful. I know, I know, you wouldn’t think of cabbage as being delightful, would you? But I did. There was a sweetness to the cabbage and the peppers also tasted sweet.

Cabbage Stuffed Peppers
Cabbage Stuffed Peppers

The strange thing about the Cabbage Stuffed Peppers? I didn’t know I was eating cabbage. It’s true! I had to ask my son what the peppers were filled with in order for me to know. I believe that’s a good thing since I know a lot of people don’t like cabbage although I’m not sure why.

This would be a good recipe to try on someone who doesn’t like cabbage — but they do need to like peppers.  (smile)

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