Breakfast Sweet Beef aka Beef Casserole

I’ve posted quite a few paleo dinner entrees already but breakfast is a huge part of a paleo diet because if you start off with a full belly, the rest of the day is pretty easy.

So this Breakfast Sweet Beef recipe (which is really a beef casserole) with its sweet potato and spinach ingredients really made for a healthy and hearty way to start the day.

Breakfast Sweet Beef Mix
Breakfast Sweet Beef Mix

I am partial to sweet potatoes though and have found that I can have them every day. Since we don’t eat sugar on the paleo diet (except for the occasional honey), the sweet potatoes satisfy the sweet tooth that I have.

You can substitute regular potatoes if you’re so inclined but I much prefer the nutrients in the sweet potato.

I am not a cook by a long shot but I do like to try other people’s recipes and “play” with them to see how I can make them my own. Currently, my son is doing the cooking and I am doing the tasting — not a bad arrangement, eh?


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