Restaurants and Secret (Hidden) Menus

A recent article in the U S News paper talked about different restaurants that have secret menus.

It’s true! Even before the article came out, my family was looking at what the menu possibilities were at Panera (a bakery/restaurant) and we happened to come across their secret menu or as they call it, the “hidden” menu.

There aren’t too many options but enough to hopefully satisfy a paleo diet.

Here are the menu items they currently have:

For breakfast there are two: Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Roasted Turkey and Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with Steak

For lunch/dinner there are four: Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad, Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey Salad, Power Chicken Hummus Bowl and the Power Steak Lettuce Wrap

My son and I stopped at Panera’s recently and decided to try a couple of their lunch options. We settled on the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad and the Power Steak Lettuce Wrap.

Ordering was simple enough but we had to wait awhile to get our to-go meals. It appeared that the “cooks” weren’t familiar with the items we ordered but eventually our items were bagged up and ready to go.

The meals come in a box and we were given a plastic fork and knife for each meal.

Panera Hidden Menu
Panera Hidden Menu

Here’s the Steak Lettuce Wrap which at $7.99 seems a bit high for the amount of food you get (a LOT of lettuce). I was disappointed in the presentation and the quality of this entree. The pesto sauce, what little there was of it, had almost no flavor. Everything else just seemed to be plopped together on top of four large lettuce leaves. Not quite what I consider a “wrap.”

Steak Lettuce Wrap
Steak Lettuce Wrap

My son didn’t seem to have any complaints about the Mediterranean Chicken Salad which was also $7.99.

Mediterranean Chicken Salad
Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Well, at least they’re trying, right? Perhaps we’ll go back to see if there’s any improvement.



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