The Red Rock Grill Restaurant

Once a week, we head out to try out a new restaurant. One we always drive by, but have never tried, is the Tavern Grill. The parking lot is always super busy and we don’t want to have to wait “forever” to be seated.

However, next door to this restaurant is The Sheraton Hotel (in Woodbury) that has a restaurant called the Red Rock Grill. The parking lot is not very full here so it would lead one to believe that the restaurant is not very good.

But — you would be wrong.

Upon entering the hotel, the restaurant is straight ahead right past a fireplace. There were few people in the restaurant when we arrived at approximately 5:30 p.m. The hostess seated us right away and was very pleasant.

It was still “happy hour” so we ordered the Truffled Pommes Frites (french fries). Very very good. (On a paleo diet, we don’t normally eat potatoes — except for sweet potatoes — but we make an exception when we go out to eat.)

The entrees come with “sides” that are shared by everyone at the table.  We chose the green beans which were scrumptious.

Sheraton Restaurant - Green Beans
Red Rock Grill Restaurant – Green Beans

There were three entrees that we ordered but I only took pictures of two of them.

Red Rock Grill Entree
Red Rock Grill 16 oz Grilled NY Strip Entree
Red Rock Grill Entree
Red Rock Grill Minnesota Walleye Entree

I had the Tenderloin Medallions which (even though I requested them well done) were quite tender. I was very surprised as normally when I request meat to be cooked well done, it tastes tough.

Overall, we were very pleased with the Red Rock Grill’s service and food.  I believe we’ll be heading back sometime soon.


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