Paleo Salmon Bake with Pecan Coating

Here’s another salmon recipe that we trialled as a family: Salmon Bake with Pecan Crunch Coating.

Salmon, Salad and Sweet Potato
Salmon, Salad and Sweet Potato

The pecan topping really adds a nice crunch to the baked salmon, especially since it has a wee bit of honey that makes it sweet (but not too sweet).

The “sides” we had with the salmon were an Alaska Salad and Sliced Baked Sweet Potatoes.

For the salad, we did not use bacon grease nor sugar as the original recipe recommended but instead substituted honey and olive oil. I loved the way the salad dressing came out! This was a yummy salad!

Alaskan Salad
Alaskan Salad

The sweet potato recipe calls for cumin which gave it a different flavor, but overall was a good fit.

Overall, all three recipes blended quite nicely together and I would definitely have them again.




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