Landscaped Front Yard

I worked long and hard last year to remove the small patches of grass from the front yard and to add perennials so we wouldn’t have to tinker with the yard too much this year.

With the exception of the Minnesota storm that strew large branches across our yard, this landscape job was successful.

Landscaped Front Yard

If you’ll notice though, we have had some deer damage — one hosta (that I forgot to water after days of rain) got eaten quickly. We’re starting to have some leaves grow back. Whew!

The area to the right of the bridge gets morning and early afternoon sun. I did plant some marigolds in that area but with our wet weather they have not quite bloomed yet. Nor have the coleus which look stunted.

There’s still time for this yard to blossom as it’s only going on mid-July. (I say tongue-in-cheek)

I’m patient. I’ll wait and see what the rest of the summer brings. Last year it was so hot and humid we didn’t have to water. This year we’re just starting to see the warmer weather.

There’s no use in complaining as life is what life is.

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