Of Paleo and Birthdays

My favorite kind of birthday cake is coconut. Yum! I love coconut.

Quite a few years back, friends of mine brought me a coconut cake from Hawaii. Oh man! It was simply delicious as every bite melted in my mouth. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t deliver. Drats!

So, this year I decided NOT to make a paleo coconut cake but instead buy one at Whole Foods since I’ve had theirs before and they weren’t too bad. I reasoned (well, we’ll call it reasoning) that making a paleo cake for myself from scratch was counterintuitive to my birthday, i.e. who makes their own birthday cake?

I had sent a recipe to my husband to see if he would be interested in making a paleo cake for me but he did not lean in that direction. Actually, he didn’t lean at all. ├é┬áhahaha

Anyway, I ordered a 5 inch coconut cake. It was small enough so we wouldn’t gorge ourselves but would be plenty to last a few days.

Coconut Cake, Whole Foods
Coconut Cake, Whole Foods

I had my last piece today.

Since we don’t eat sugar on the paleo diet (with the exception of honey or pure maple syrup) my body revolted. The first day I had a nice small piece and it tasted too sweet. Afterwards I felt like I had acid reflex.

The second day I had my piece and it didn’t taste too sweet but I prepared myself with a mug of hot tea to “down” it with. I had a bit of a small headache when I finished this piece.

The third day I finished the last small piece — seriously, these were small pieces — and again my head started to feel out of sorts and my chest felt like I was getting acid reflex.

The old non paleo body that could “handle” such sweet things has changed and the new paleo body let’s me know that these sweets really aren’t that good for me.

So — it was a beautiful birthday cake but (a new take on an old phrase) “it doesn’t do a body good.”

Next year, I think I’ll make my own birthday cake.

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