Muggy Weather

It’s muggy. And hot. And humid. Week two of this yuck-i-ness.

Although I’m catching up with a lot of indoor work like hanging pictures, making copies of slideshows I created, etc. I miss working outside in the yard.

My front yard looks quite neglected and the buckthorn in the 1/2 acre of the back of the property must be growing by leaps and bounds.

Still — I can’t manage to get outside to work in the yard. I can barely get motivated to walk outside and get the mail after noon when the mailman drives by.

I’ve noticed that my sinuses are congested and my eyes — my poor eyes. Because we haven’t had much rain in the past 3 weeks, the pollen count has been high.

There is hope for next week though when the weather is supposed to be in the low to mid 80’s during the day and in the 50’s at night. Since I mainly work outside in the mornings, the 50’s sound fantastic to me.

Although my neighbor (and the weatherman) tell me that this heat and humidity is unusual for this time of year, summer is still my least favorite time of year in Minnesota.

Bring on autumn with it’s cooler temperatures — and the leaves!!! I’m sure the lazy squirrels will get moving also.


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