Buckthorn Progress

Well, no pictures yet of my buckthorn pulling progress but they’ll be coming soon.  I worked three mornings in the yard last week — in between the cool morning weather and the 90 degree temperatures.

The thermacell mosquito repellant is working great but I still have to put other repellant on my arms since the thermacell doesn’t repel ticks. So far, I have yet to see one tick so I’m not sure what they look like “in person.” No worries though as I’m sure when something sticks to my body everyone will know about it.  hahahahaha

We had another 90 degree humid day today so no outside work for me. I’m gathering information on two new projects for late fall and early winter — a wooden woodpile rack that I’d like to make myself (with help from my husband) and a sewing project which consists of making new family room curtains with grommets. This will be my first ever sewing project and I’m apprehensive and excited all at the same time.

Tomorrow I’ll do more inside work and then head back outside on Wednesday and Thursday to pull more buckthorn. I’m definitely making progress on the removal of the smaller buckthorn. There were a couple of spread-out buckthorn bushes that I couldn’t pull out easily but upon further inspection they were large sprouts from two previous large buckthorn trees that the previous owner had cut down. I’ll have to trim those and pour pesticide on the trunks to kill them. It’s recommended that you put a tin can over the buckthorn trunks so they don’t re-sprout instead of using pesticides but I don’t have tin cans that large.

Once I’m finished pulling buckthorn for the year, I’ll post pictures so you can see what I spend most of my mornings on. It’s a little cumbersome to work on my property because there are many many branches strewn about so I have to move those to get to the buckthorn. I still have to gather all the branches and send them off with the garbage which is another large project.

I’m actually looking forward to working outside again. With the cooler weather coming I’m noticing fewer mosquitoes.  Woohoo!



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2 thoughts on “Buckthorn Progress”

  1. You may not notice a tick “bite” or even the fact that one may embed itself into your flesh. You need to actually search your body for them. I know from experience…

    Also, maybe ask your neighbors if they have any empty coffee cans you can put on those sprouting trunks. 🙂

    1. I do check for ticks before I head indoors and after I shower (shortly after heading indoors after a few hours of yard work). The deer ticks around here are the smallest but the other ones are more noticeable.

      Unfortunately an empty coffee can still would not be big enough — but that is a great idea!

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