It’s over. Thanksgiving Day is over. Or, is it?

Watching the news today, I saw how someone had been shot at a shopping mall this Black Friday. Really?

Perhaps I’ve given people too much credit — I thought people actually were extra thankful on Thanksgiving. And perhaps, they are. The majority of what I see though is the same — yes, we gather to eat and talk. But sometimes it doesn’t appear that we listen.

I know, I know. Not everyone believes in God so the primary thanks may not go to Him.

Still — I feel somewhat let down. It appears to me that most people don’t really take time to contemplate on all the blessings that they have.

Perhaps my observations are wrong. I hope so. I hope the reason is that people are thankful all the time so they no longer need a “day” to be extra thankful.

I hope so. But I do believe I’m wrong.


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