The Miracle Christmas Card

Glancing outside the window, I noticed the mailman’s truck stopped at the mailbox. It was a warm day for Minnesota (not -5, hahahaha) so I put on my sleeveless down jacket, clogs, a hat and a sweater to bundle up against any winds that might be heading our way from the north. Walking down the long driveway with my head bowed to the ground to check for ice spots, I quickly made it to the mailbox. Brrr … no north wind but it was still a tad chilly for a sleeveless jacket.

Opening the door to the mailbox, I grabbed the mail and started heading back to the house. As I quickly thumbed through the mail, I was happy. Most of it was personal Christmas cards and not junk mail or Christmas catalogues. My eye quickly caught a look at a card that was not in an envelope. Oh.  My mind conjectured that this card must be from our mailman since it was not in an envelope. Once inside the house, I took off my jacket, sweater, shoes, scarf and hat and lay them on the bench inside the door. With the mail in hand, I opened all of the personal mail and read the sentiments in each card. I don’t know if anyone is like me, but I read the inside of the cards before I purchase them to make sure that the sentiment is one that my heart “feels.” I imagine that others do the same thing and take each card’s writings (whether imprinted or written) to heart. I was down to the last card — the one that came without an envelope. I didn’t think that the mailman would take too much thought in his Christmas card sentiments so I wasn’t expecting much — although it was nice to get a card from him.

Upon opening the card, I read the salutation — “Dear Norma …”  Huh. I guess the mailman did personalize his cards. (Our mailman’s name is Bob, by the way.)  Reading through the rest of the printed card, it didn’t take long for me to get to the bottom. Uh — what? “Love to you, Sue Brannam”  What? I re-read the card as if I had somehow missed something. This card was not from the mailman but from a dear friend. P1070377 I reached into the pile of mail that I had just gone through to look for the envelope. It’s not possible, I told myself. There is no envelope. How could I have received this card?

Wondering if I had lost my mind, I went through the pile of mail again looking for the envelope to this card. Nothing. This card did not come in an envelope and yet here it was in front of me — delivered. I’ll bet you’re wondering why this is so unusual, aren’t you? You’re probably thinking my friend just dropped it off and put it in my mailbox forgetting to put it in an envelope. Well, that would be logical, but, not probable.

You see, my friend lives in Seattle and has onset dementia. This card somehow arrived in my mailbox — somehow, but how? It is not possible, it’s just not possible. I wondered if perhaps, just perhaps, this was a “sign” that I should call my friend Sue, so I did.

When she picked up, her sweet voice sounded just like it always did. “Hi Norma. It’s so good to hear from you. Where are you?” After I told her I was still in Minnesota she said “I’m still here in Seattle.” Then she said “Where are you?” Because of her early onset dementia, she frequently repeats herself. I told her I had received her card and asked her if she had mailed it in an envelope. What a stupid question, right? “Yes, I did,” she replied. I explained to her how I received the card but it was not in an envelope. She did not seem to grasp what I was saying. Well, hey, I wasn’t grasping what I was saying so how could I expect her to understand?

Since she told me she was at lunch with someone, I told her I had to go and she simply did not want to hang up. However, before she relented, her dear sweet words rang in my ear “I love you” she said. She always tells me she loves me before hanging up.

I am still quite puzzled how this card made it to my mailbox. It is simply a miracle — simply a miracle. There is no other explanation for it.

miracle – an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause

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