Want to Help Locate the Malaysian Airline Flight MH370?

Outside of praying and hoping that the Malaysian Airlines plane that has gone missing is found, I felt quite helpless in what else I could do.

Then, my husband told me that there is a site called Tomnod that is run by commercial satellite company DigitalGlobe, which soon after the plane’s disappearance repositioned two of its five satellites over its last known location in the Gulf of Thailand, and have since moved them as the search headed west.”

As of March 14th, approximately 2.3 million people are assisting in the satellite search by using the internet in their free time to look at satellite pictures to see if they can spot anything unusual such as a plane, wreckage, etc.

“Tomnod users are provided with a randomly chosen map from the search area and are told to drop a pin if they see signs of airplane wreckage, life rafts, oil slicks or anything that looks “suspicious”. 

An algorithm then finds where there is overlap in tags from people who tagged the same location, and the most notable areas are shared with authorities. A Tomnod spokesperson said that as of Thursday every pixel had been looked at by human eyes at least 30 times.

So — I’ve decided to devote some of my time in searching through the random satellite pictures to see if I can spot anything unusual.  So far, I’ve spent a couple of hours looking at satellite pictures and having “pinned” 11 “suspicious” items.  About 4 of them look like small boats, one looks like an oil rig and the others look like something other than large waves.

Want to “do” something besides praying and hoping?  If you have time, no matter how little, click on the link below to start looking at satellite pictures.  Yes, it may be like looking for a needle in a haystack but sometimes that needle is found.


(Note: sometimes tomnod is “down” so you may have to wait a little for it to come back up.)

And I encourage you to continue praying!


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