Touring Minnesota

My husband and I recently celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. About a month prior to that, I had suggested we head someplace “warm” like Arizona or Florida to celebrate this occasion. My husband, however, doesn’t like to fly so I wasn’t sure if we would be flying anywhere. And, true to form, my husband suggested we head to Iowa for a few days.

Now — I’m no genius but I was able to deduce very quickly that going from Minnesota to Iowa was not going to get us to a place that’s much warmer. So — we compromised. We decided to use our home as our “hotel” and take a couple of days to be tourists in St. Paul and Minneapolis — something we have not really done since we moved here 3.5 years ago.

During our two days “off” there was to be no cooking — woohoo — as we wanted to try out some new restaurants also.

So — on a rainy cold Minnesota morning we headed out to find a breakfast restaurant in Minneapolis called The Bad Waitress Coffee Shop which is located close to where the Minneapolis Institute of Art (our second destination) is situated.

Entering the restaurant, it reminded me of one I had gone to many years ago called Johnny Rocket’s. It had a 50’s feel to it with booths and counter stools. The clientele was young and it was quiet as everyone appeared to have a laptop, iPad or cell phone that they were absorbed in.

The Bad Waitress Restaurant
The Bad Waitress Restaurant

After seating ourselves, we figured out that we were supposed to take our own orders as menus are on the table as are the order forms.

The Bad Waitress Order Form
The Bad Waitress Order Form

Once the order form was filled out, we took it to the front counter and paid for our orders. Drinks came right away and the food also took no time at all. The restaurant uses a lot of organic items so it’s a bit pricey — $27 (without the tip) for the two of us.

We did find it ironic that the restaurant name, The Bad Waitress, really implies that you don’t have a waitress.

The restaurant is located at 2 E 26th St in Minneapolis, Minnesota — in case you want to go.  The food really was good.

With bellies full, we made our way in the pouring rain to our next stop – the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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