Paleo Baked Salmon With Tomatoes

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Paleo Baked Salmon With Tomatoes
Paleo Baked Salmon With Tomatoes ~

Having a couple of salmon fillets in the fridge, I was looking for a new recipe and came across this one by Giada De Laurentiis.  You know who she is, right?  In case you don’t, she’s a famous Italian born American chef.

I haven’t tried too many of her recipes but decided to try this one.  However, I didn’t bake my salmon in foil as she hers.  Call me a rebel, again.  At my age (no, I’m not 100 yet) I’m entitled to a little freedom. Actually, we’re all entitled to a little freedom but in the case of recipes we need to make sure we give credit to those who have “gone before us.”   So, make sure you click on the link above if you want to know how to bake the salmon in foil.  Capiche?

Overall, I’d call this an easy recipe.

You start with two salmon fillets ~

Two Salmon Fillets
Two Salmon Fillets

Next you’ll be making a mixture with tomatoes (canned or fresh), sliced onions and herbs.

Salmon Topping
Tomato Mixture

Once the mixture is made, you’ll be layering it over the unbaked salmon.

Add Tomato Mixture to Salmon
Add Tomato Mixture to Salmon

Then you’ll be baking it for approximately 20 minutes or until the salmon is clear looking on the inside.

Ready to see the recipe?

I served this salmon with sliced baked potatoes and steamed broccoli.

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