What is the value of a person?

When I searched the internet I found a site that put a monetary value of $4.50. The skin by itself was valued at $3.50. Of course, fluctuations in the stock market can change the price.

Lucky for us that as humans we don’t “normally” put a monetary value on a person.

A person can be valued just for who they are — their humor, their intellect, their kindness, their love.

Growing up, I used to believe that my father “left” us at the age of 5. He was an alcoholic and would come home and beat my mother up on the weekends.

As a grown-up, I later learned that my mother “left” my father to protect us.

My mind was confused. Had I been abandoned or saved?

Then I found out the “real” truth: we had been abandoned.

Oh — whose to say? Only the people who were actually there really know and even then it’s from their own perspectives of what they felt & saw.

My value? The life of Jesus Christ. Can anyone say they love me any better?


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