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Our first couple of days in Minnesota were spent finding an apartment, a bank, pre-approval for a house loan and checking out some communities of potential places we can buy a house.

Finding the apartment was easy as we had checked in with a complex before we left Seattle.  The new complex takes care of renting your furniture for you also.  A nice touch.

We looked at 3 apartments.  One had recently had the carpet shampooed so I wasn’t sure if that was the hint of an odor that I smelled.  The second one definitely had had a smoker in it so was out of the running.

The third apartment, although not yet cleaned, looked very nice.  Two bedrooms, two baths facing south.  It also faced the highway but since we’re not opening our windows much in the winter here the noise shouldn’t be a factor.  Even standing on the deck, it didn’t sound too bad.

Walking to get to this apartment also smelled like someone was cooking Puerto Rican food.  Hmmm … a friendly neighbor perhaps.

Today we woke up to lots of snow on the ground.  They predicted it and it happened.  Quite different from Seattle where they predict a rainy day and we have sunshine.

The other difference is that there is lots of sunshine here.  At least so far.  We’ve been told that it is unusual for it to be this warm (in the 40’s) this time of year.

I’m so thankful to God for His watch over us as we traveled here.  And for our finding an apartment so quickly.  We would have preferred to rent a house or a townhouse but wanted to get into something right away so we wouldn’t have to worry about it.

We slept in today although we had checked for churches to attend.  Our bodies were just plumb tired and from what my mother tells me “you are not young anymore.”


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