First week in Minnesota

Our first full week in Minnesota has come and gone.

We have not had much luck with finding a house yet. Although there are many, they are mostly cookie cutter type houses.

We have some more possibilities to look at on Sunday.

Our apartment complex is huge. I was a little disappointed when we moved in because the cleaning person was there with a young child who was trying to distract the Cort furniture person. So the apartment was not as clean as I would expect.

The office had given me a form to fill out letting them know in what condition I found the apartment and I did not give them rave reviews.

Having worked as a property manager, I had higher expectations.

It’s nice that the complex has underground parking as when we leave in the morning, we don’t have to worry about frost on the windshield. And it’s a heated garage.

Have had no internet so have not been able to blog very often but that should change by this afternoon. Then I don’t have to wander into the coffee houses for the Internet service.

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