Weather in Minnesota

Woke up to a temperature of 12 degrees.

Was glad that we have indoor heated parking.  When I drove Phil to work, the streets were all white.

At first, I thought the roads were icy.  Actually they are just salty.

The sun is shining now and the day is pretty.  When I look at the snow, it appears to be frozen.

Minnesotans have a quick step when they walk — from the car and quickly into the stores, coffee houses, etc.  I still haven’t seen anyone wearing a really heavy coat.

I’ve been told in time this will change.  The stores that sell coats advertise up to what temperature they will keep you warm, i.e. up to -30.

I have noticed that when we go house hunting, there are a lot of exercise “rooms.”  Most have treadmills but some have weights.  Unless one likes the snow and cold, I believe most people stay indoors.  Especially in January and February which I hear are the coldest months.

March supposedly brings the most snow.

We’ll see.

So far, my asthma has not kicked in.  It doesn’t like cold and wind and I’ve been careful to stay indoors when it happens (not frequent thus far).

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