Christmas Giving

In reading from part of a book tonight called “The Desire of Ages,” the author quotes John 8:50.

The beginning of that verse reads “I am not seeking glory for Myself.”  The speaker is Jesus Christ.
The glory He seeks is for the Father in heaven.  Jesus reflects the unselfishness of God the Father.
It’s a circle of life between the two and one that we have the privilege to join in if we choose.
The type of God we have the privilege of knowing is one who gives unselfishly.
Yet looking around, we don’t see that unselfish giving in humans.  We mainly see a “me” mentality.  
Our family decided to have a grab bag this year for the adults.  A list was made of what those adults “wanted” for Christmas. 
It feels like we have reduced Christmas to just giving gifts because that’s what the person wants.  I fall into the same trap — asking what people want instead of thinking about the person and based on my knowledge of who they are, giving from the heart.
Yet even that doesn’t seem good enough.
The love God gives can’t be compared with a list of things that we want.  His love gets to the core of what every human being truly needs — love.  And only the type of love that He can provide.  Everything else can try to come close — but in the end, what really matters is God’s love.
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