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Looking out the window from the Starbucks where I am having a cocoa and scone, I enjoy the beautiful change in the sunrise colors from a deep pink to a soft pastel cream.

I continue to watch what people do in this town of Woodbury as the weather changes from the 20’s to highs in the teens.

So far, Minnesotans continue to do what I call the Minnesota shuffle going from car to store with an intense look on their faces to get inside.

And yet, most walk around in jackets that are not buttoned or zipped, no hats, no gloves.

As if they are either acclimated to the weather changes or they are invincible.

I continue to don my hat, bright multiple-colored scarf (in case I should need to be located amidst the white snow) and gloves.

My Seattle thermal underwear have held up well but I know I’ll need something much warmer soon.

The gray skies have returned now as we await the 2-3 inches of snow this afternoon.

I’ve learned that one can get along quite well in that amount of snow as streets are quickly cleared returning to their salty white look.

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