Chipotle Restaurant in Woodbury, Minnesota

Since moving to Minnesota, I have had the opportunity to visit different restaurants.  I have to say that I am not overly impressed yet with the selection here.

I recently went to Chipotle Restaurant in Woodbury, Minnesota.  I was told that it would be better than Taco Del Mar in Seattle, Washington but unfortunately I didn’t find it to be so.
The corn chips are really good.  About the same as the ones offered at Senor Moose in Seattle.
Burrito Bowl
I ordered the burrito bowl which is like a tostada but not.  It is a layered dish with lime-cilantro rice, beans (pinto or black), a meat of your choice, cheese, lettuce and pico de gallo sauce.
I had wanted the pinto beans but asked if they had any meat in them and was told that they have pork. Eeekkk!  That’s weird.  So I had the black beans instead although those aren’t my favorite.
When asked what kind of sauce I wanted, I opted for the pico de gallo which I was told was mild.  Arrgghhh!  Another surprise.  It was medium hot.
The chicken I ordered was mildly flavored and was good.
Because I went during lunch time, it was crowded and I was lucky to find a place to sit.
I did find the toothpick wrap and napkin interesting.
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