MacBook Pro

Decided to buy a new computer for myself as the 5+ year one I have is very slow.  (Fortunately I don’t replace people when they’re slow or we’d all be in trouble.  haha)

I was very tempted to get the new Apple MacBook Air.  Very light to carry and feels good on the fingertips.  But it does not come with a DVD drive.

MacBook Pro 13 inch

Instead, I opted for the 13 inch MacBook Pro.  It is very sleek and works beautifully.  It also has 4GB of memory (the MacBook Air had 2GB).

MacBook Pro 13 inch

Apple thinks of everything when they put their computers together.  From the adapters to the ease of transferring files from one computer to another, everything runs perfectly smooth.

Currently, Apple also offers a free HP wi-fi printer (via rebate).  
HP Photosmart

Way to go Apple!

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